Sunday, January 17, 2010

15. Bells Palsy

This is my husband, trying to smile. All of a sudden yesterday, the right side of his face is numb. He can't move his mouth, can't taste anything and can't shut his right eye. I was freaking out! Then his dad saw him and said, "Oh, you have Bells Palsy. I had it too, so did your uncle." Apparently, there's not much you can do for it. He's been taking Vitamin B12 but it isn't getting any better. He'll be going to the doctor tomorrow to officially diagnosis. He did not want me to take his picture, but I just had to remember this. I am ready for him to be well and back to his normal, handsome self! Please pray for him, thanks!



Laurie said...

Isn't that crazy! I hope he gets back to normal soon!

wenderful said...

That sounds scary! Does it come and go? Hope the appointment goes well.

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